Cutting hair has always been a passion of mine even when i was around 12 years old. It all started when i got a haircut from my mother and people at school laughed at me and i didn’t know why. They said that my haircut had a perfectly round shape up!!

Well being that i had always worn long hair, i had no clue what a shape up was supposed to look like. So by the end of the school day after being picked on ALL day, i finally got home and told my mom what happened. She wasn’t to happy and told me to try and cut my hair myself.

So i went and found a few Jet and Ebony magazines and studied the black mens haircuts that i saw in the magazines. I noticed the shape ups were squared versus round. Then i picked up a pair of Andis outliner trimmers and fixed the round shape up that i had and cut it into a square shape up.

I was happy that i could cut my own hair or at least give myself a shape up. Over time i cut my own hair into a dark caesar haircut which is a one level haircut even all over. As people took notice of my haircut, people started to ask me to cut their haircuts also. I loved it!!

People would tell me to just hook it up and i would. So the feeling that i had from making people feel good about themselves stuck with me and i turned it into a career as a licensed master barber.