but there are some things to keep in mind. Or rather, there are some questions that you should ask yourself. First, are you aware of the fact that you will have to train your hair to develop that wave pattern that you desire?

Another question to ask yourself, is what is the coarseness of your hair strand? For example, African American hair tends to come in about four levels of coarseness. There is the fine and curly variety. There is the thick and loose curl variety. There is the medium coarse, yet soft variety. Then, there is the kinky and coarse variety. Particularly in the case of the last variety, this consistency of hair doesn’t have a curl pattern to it.

Rather, it has what is known as a “z” pattern to it. Some people might find that they will first have to use a chemical texturizing agent to soften and loosen up the pattern of the hair strand, in order to make it more easier to develop those 360 waves. After the hair strand type has been determined, then the person needs to reshape the hairline.

It’s probably best for them to get a sharp cut along the hairline from their barber. These hairlines work best for the 360 waves look. Some people like to take their look a step further, by dying their hair. If you are going to dye your hair, then this is something that needs to be done before the 360 waves process begins.

After the hair is retextured, or cut, then you have to make sure that you have all of the right supplies on hand to develop the right 360 waves look. You should have the right styling products, shampoo, conditioner, a good brush, and a cap. All of these are to make sure that you are training your hair strands. They also ensure that you keep your hair moist and soft.

The success of creating 360 waves depend upon making sure that your hair is as soft, and is in the healthy condition that it needs to be in. Especially with regards to your shampoo and conditioner, make sure that you are buying products that are moisturizing, and gentle to the hair strands. Once you have washed, conditioned, and moisturized your hair, then you need to brush your hair in a way to develop your 360 waves.

Make sure that you are brushing first to the front, then to the back, and then the sides are brushed down. You need to then set your hair with your fabric cap. This serves the purpose of both keeping your hair moist, and it keeps the hair strands from getting matted when you lay down.

The body heat from your head, along with the moisture will form the waves on your head. Keep in mind that the training program to develop 360 waves will take lots of time and patience. You will have to do a lot of moisturizing, brushing, and covering up at first. But in time, your hair will develop the 360 waves that you desire.

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