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I have been using Andis masters clippers and Wahl 5 star seniors clippers together for about 7 years now.  I would like to say that both have their advantages especially when you are cutting several different types of textures of hair.  I will give you my Andis Masters vs Wahl Seniors review and why I like both clippers.

I like the Andis masters because they are quiet and great for fading.  The blades make a nice crisp haircutting sound that can help a beginner know whether or not the clipper is actually cutting the hair.  If a clipper is making no noise and you are cutting in a noisy atmosphere, you have to pay very close attention to the haircut to make sure you are not cutting off more hair than intended.

The Andis Masters don’t seem to be my clipper of choice when it comes to speed because they leave tracks in the hair and the blades don’t seem to move fast enough to cut hair quickly and efficiently.  They aren’t really the easiest to adjust for a novice barber.  But overall I have been using Andis Masters since 1998 and I love them.

I started using Wahl Seniors about 7 years ago.  I was in the barbershop taking notice that a few barbers were using them and they all loved the Wahl seniors.  They are about $70.00 dollars so they are not cheap.  I love the fact that they can cut just about any hair texture.  I can cut my haircutting speed in half with the Wahl seniors.

But the blades are extremely quiet so I recommend them to a more advanced barber who can really eyeball a haircut.  The Wahl seniors also don’t get hot as fast as the Andis Masters do.  If it’s in your budget, I say invest in both clipper brands because you will always need different sets of clippers for different haircuts and different textures of hair.


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