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Andis is a well known US brand of hair clippers and trimmers. It was established in 1922 and since then Andis has been producing the finest quality clippers for the beauty industry. Andis professional clippers are of many types, each one being designed for a specific use and purpose.

There are many features of the Andis professional clippers which make them better than other brands in the market. The best thing is that they are reasonably priced so they are good value for money. Even with all the latest features and technology, Andis are selling their clippers at affordable rates.

Most of the models have rotary blades which give much better and longer lasting results than magnetic comb blades. Also, they work on all types of hair and you can use them whether you have thin or thick hair. Moreover, these clippers work both on dry or wet hair.

There are many models of Andis professional clippers which are available in the market. The Elevate Speedmaster has four times the cutting power of magnetic blade models, and has eight additional attachments. It has the highest quality stainless steel blades which have different size adjustments. If you are looking for a clipper for longer hair then go for the Fhat master which is perfect for all types of hair trimming.

For clipping and trimming of difficult hair such as beards, moustaches and around ears, the Outliner I is the most suitable model. It gives a good grip which is ideal for trimming hard to reach places. The Outliner II is a clipper which has very close cutting blades which give the best results. It is also suitable for all types of all around outlining and fading.

Andis makes high quality blades to go with their range of professional clippers. Their Ceramic Edge blades are made of the best quality ceramic and offer higher durability. The Ultra Edge blade is designed for very high precision and these are the longest lasting blades available in the market today.

With so many superb features, Andis professional clippers are definitely amongst the best in the market. There are many models to choose from so you can easily find one suitable for you.

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