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When i first started cutting my own hair, I absolutely had no idea what trimmers or clippers to use.  I was like most young men who were sick and tired of letting other people screw up their haircuts and decided to take matters into my own hands.

And unlike today, there was not an Andis Trimmer Review online for me to look at like the one you are reading now.  So the only thing I could do is just start to ask other people about the best trimmers and clippers to use to cut my own hair.

Seeing that I was only 13, there were not a lot of other 13-year-olds who were in the neighborhood that were professional barbers who could give me some solid information on the proper tools to cut my hair with.

So I think I went to Sallys Beauty Supply with my mom and started asking the Sallys Beauty Supply employees a few questions and told them to give me an Andis trimmer review before I made the purchase. By the end of the conversation, they basically told me that the Andis T outliner was a pretty popular trimmer to use.  As a kid, I was always pretty handy so eventually, I figured out how to adjust the trimmers and have them cut pretty good.

So my Andis Trimmer review is that the trimmers are very easy to adjust.

They are very easy to take apart and clean them out.  There are only a few screws to open them and adjust them.  2 screws in the front belly and 1 screw to tighten and loosen the tension spring that allows the blade to move fast or slow.  There are 4 screws that allow you to adjust your blades.  2 screws that hold the blade to the trimmer body and 2 screws that hold the Andis trimmer blade guide in place.

Once you master the adjustments you will have a pair of trimmers that will last you 10 years or more.  I have been using some of my Andis T outliners for over 13 years and they still cut great.  So if you are trying to decide on a professional hair trimmer, then i highly recommend the Andis T outliner.  This concludes my Andis Trimmer Review.

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