Barber supplies are very important to function as a barber. Without barber supplies, a barber would not be able to give great customer service. A barber needs everything from neck strips, witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, aloe vera gel and tons more barber supplies.

I have been using many different products over the years through experimenting as well as necessity.  Every time a new product would come out i would buy it!! Every time i saw a barber using a new product i would find out where to get it and i would buy it.  If you are a serious barber, then your thirst for knowledge and advancement will never stop.

Barber supplies are all over the world because barbers are all over the world.  Barber supply owners have realized that the barber supply industry is a necessity and they are capitalizing on it as they should.  In cities like Atlanta, New York, Philly, Houston, Cali and Miami, there is a barber supply store on every corner.

I know in Atlanta there is a barber supply store every few miles and they stay pretty busy too!! I have bought everything from Andis Masters, Andis T outliners, cordless trimmers and more.  If you are a busy barber, then you are buying barber supplies weekly unless you are buying wholesale in bulk.

You have to work barber supplies into your budget simply because you can not function without them.  What’s funny is thinking about barbers in the beginning of time who didn’t have barber supplies and what did they do without them!!??? LOL!!

I guess they didn’t do anything but just cut your hair and that was it.  No astringent, no nothing!!!


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