I have been a barber since 1997 and i love my profession.  Being a barber means more than just cutting hair.  You are a psychiatrist, a therapist, a friend, a comedian and so much more.


Barbers build trust with clients that allow the client to have faith and trust in their barber to the point that a customer may share information with their barber that they wouldn’t share with a family member.  I have seen groan men cry in a barbershop because of them going through a divorce.

I have seen fights and arguments break out in a barbershop.  I have seen people get arrested in the barber shop.  As a barber you are subject to see and hear just about anything.  I have heard barbers to make claims of witnessing murder in the barber shop.

But on a more positive note, i have seen couples meet through there barber and live happily ever after.  You get to watch kids get there first haircut and then watch them grow up to become groan men and have there own kids.  You will lose clients to death, to school, to business and more.


It’s quite a fulfilling career especially if you really enjoy making people look and feel great.  If you have ever wanted to become a barber and don’t really know what to do…..I SAY DO IT!!!!  I have earned a great living and traveled the world as a barber and i wouldn’t change one thing about being a barber.

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