Preventing contamination and controling contamination is a great way to prevent contagious diseases like skin infections and blood poisoning. Usually no matter how clean your tools and your barber station looks, it is probably contaminated. Germs can live in your combs, brushes, shop towels, smocks, aprons, headrest on the barber chair, countertops and even in the air.

That’s why it is so important as a barber to use a good disinfect for his/her tools and environment in the barbershop. It is almost impossible to keep a barbershop 100% clean, but there are a few things that you can do to atleast keep the barbershop from becoming too contaminated.

STERILIZATION is cleaning your tools and your working area so that it is germ free. Usually the best way to sterilize your tools is with heat/steam with an autoclave.

Autoclaves are typically used by doctors to steralize their tools.

Most barbers don”t have any type of machines called autoclaves, that can steam their supplies, so the next best thing to do is to sanitize their tools with a good disinfectant. The best way to clean the tools without steaming the tools it to wash the tools in hot water with detergent and then spray them with a disinfectent spray and then dry them to prevent rust.

Another great way to keep your tools sanitized is electric sanitation by using ultra violet rays. The ultra violet rays keep the tools sanitized after they have already been spray sanitized.

Alcohol is a great disinfectant. There are a few different types of alcohol but the most common type in the barbershops are ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. If you use any of these alcohols on the skin, make sure it is the isopropyl and below 50%. If you use any of these alcohols to clean your tools make sure the ethyl alcohol is stronger than 70% and the isopropyl alcohol has to be 99% to clean your tools.

These are some basic tips to prevent contamination in your barbershop. But always check with the state board of barbers in your state to find out more about the regulations in your state.

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