Without either beauty supply or barber supply, the hair industry would simply cease to exist. In an industry where each and every single customer puts a premium value on how he or she looks, beauty barber supplies are integral.

These days, any person who goes into a barbershop or a beauty shop cannot possibly fathom coming out of there without the barber or the hairdresser doing everything that can be thought of to one’s hair. Beauty supply is a huge business, and it matters enormously to the hair industry. Every man or woman who walks into a salon is going to expect more than a simple haircut.

Beauty supply consists of everything that goes beyond a simple haircut. This includes all the kinds of hair care products that you can put into your hair, for example. Whether you want to call it forming cream or gel, mousse or hairspray—if it adds to how your appearance comes across to other people, then it is part of the beauty supply side of the hair care business.

Stuff other than what you put into your hair can also be considered beauty supply. For example, all the hairstyling products that hairdressers use to add volume or give personality to your hair also qualify as beauty supply. This can include but is not limited to various kinds of curling irons, hot irons and curls.

Even hairbrushes count as beauty supply products and so can special types of shampoos and conditioners that prepare your hair and soften it up for a haircut and/or a subsequent styling. Barber supply, on the other hand, is more straightforward. It is essentially what your barber needs to effectively service his male customers.

This can include anything from simply scissors and razors to capes, blades and combs to part the hair and make it easier to handle and cut. Even something as overlookable as the barber chair is part of barber supply, especially when you consider that it’s necessary for a barber to successfully cut hair. For all these reasons, beauty supply as well as barber supply is absolutely vital to the hair industry.

Without them, the hair industry would stop functioning altogether because it would not have the required equipment, accessories and tools to give customers what they want and need. These days, beauty care is almost synonymous with hair care because of how closely related the two are.

Aftershaves and Colognes

All-Purpose Chairs

Appliance Holder Series

Appointment/Record Keeping

Attachment Combs/Guides

Barber Chairs

Barber Jackets

Barber Poles

Best Sellers


Barber Books

Barber Poles – Replacement Parts



Child’s Seats/Stools

Clearance & Specials

Clipper/Trimmer Accessories

Clipper/Trimmer Blades

Clippers and Trimmers –

Clipper Accessories

Clipper Maintenance

Clipper Parts




Cutting Capes

Decals and Signs


Dryers and Dryer Chairs

Dryers/Curling Brushes

Ear/Nose Trimmers Espresso Floor Furniture/Equipment

Floor Mats

Hair Brushes

Hair Cloths & Clip

Hair Colorings

Hair Control Wax

Hair Dryers

Hair Extensions

Hair Weave

Hair Piece Items


Kiddie Chairs

Lace Front Wigs

Latherizing Machine


Machine & Soap


Manicure Tables

Massage/Cleansing Creams


Massage Equipment

Miscellaneous Items


Monthly Specials

Moustache Wax

Neck Dusters

Package Deals

Parts & Pumps

Pedicure Spa & Chairs

Personal Care Products

Reception Furniture

Replacement Parts

Rolling Carts


Shampoo Bowl Accessories


Shampoo Systems

Shaving Supplies

Shaving Needs


Shop Posters

Shop Supplies


Skin Care Equipment

Spray Bottles



Styling Chairs

Styling Stations

Styling Products


Towels and Neck Strips


Towel Warmer & Sterilizers

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