Barbers tools are very important to the overall outcome of a haircut. Name brand tools such as Andis, Wahl & Personna have always been a great choice for me. Great name brand tools along with proper adjustments will definitely help the student to the professional achieve optimal results.

1. Andis T- outliners

Andis-T Outliners in my opinion are great precision trimmers. They are the easiest to adjust to all of the trimmers that I have used. They are especially good for cutting your own hair. (Demonstrations are on the Vol.1 DVD) All of the parts are easy to replace.

The only downside to using the Andis t-outliners is that they get very hot very fast. So more than likely, in order for a barber to operate at full capacity, all day in a barbershop; he will more than likely need 2 pairs. Other than the trimmers getting hot, I think the Andis T-Outliners is a great tool.

2. Andis Styleliner II

Andis Styleliner 2 is the strongest trimmer that I have ever used. This is a great tool to have. They don’t get hot as fast as the Andis T-Outliners. Once you have the proper tools and basic knowledge of how to adjust the Andis Styleliner 2, you will have a great pair of trimmers. They are very strong and great for shaving.

3. Personna Single Edged Razorblades

Personna Single Edged Razor Blades are outstanding! When you use a blade that can line up a haircut and give a full shave with just one blade, you have a winner. A lot of blades on the market get dull very fast. At times, I have gotten a few blades from Personna retailers that were poor quality.

The rumor is that they were a” replica.” Persona is a worldwide brand with strong brand recognition in the barber industry. If you choose to try Personna, the true test is if you can give a lineup and a full shave with just 1 razor.

4. Personna Double Edged Razorblades

Personna double-edged razors are great. They are most effective for me when I am lining up the corners and sideburns on a haircut. I break them in half and hold them between my thumb and pointer finger and middle finger. They are very sharp, so be very careful and use a very light touch when using the Personna double edge razor blades. I have a demonstration in the video below.

5. Andis Masters

Andis Masters are very durable and long-lasting pair of clippers. I have had 1 pair for over 8 years. They run very quiet and are very precise especially when using the surgical blade. They are simple to adjust. The only downside is that the cord will start to break after about 1 – 2 years of use.

6. Oster Turbo 111

The Oster 111 is by far the best piece of clipper machinery I have ever seen. They can cut anything. I don’t care how much grease is in the hair or how thick & coarse the hair is; they get the job done. The only downside is they require frequent maintenance. Anywhere from blades coming apart, to applying grease to the motor, replacing bushings, etc. Overall the Oster 111′s is a great tool for any barber on any level.

7. Wahl Shaver

Product Features


•Dual foil shave head

•Powerful 9000 RPM motor

•LED charge indicator light

8. Witch Hazel Astringent


Witch hazel, a tried-and-true, oldie-but-goodie, is a clear liquid that can work as an astringent to clean the face. But that’s just the beginning. Witch hazel is used to treat everything from bruises to hemorrhoids.

The formula is made from the leaves and bark of a tree that is naturally grown in the eastern and southern U.S. and can be taken internally as well as externally.

Witch hazel is also sometimes known as Hamamelis, snapping hazel, winter bloom, spotted alder, or tobacco wood. Since some formulas are meant for external uses and some for internal consumption, read all package labels before using witch hazel.

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