I have always been asked the question if it is a difference between black barbers and white barbers as well as if there is a difference between black barbershops and white barbershops.  In my opinion, I believe the atmosphere is different as well as the difference in attitude between white barbers and black barbers.

Now depending on where the barber works also have a lot to do with the differences as well.  Take, for example, if a white barber is working in a black barbershop, then more than likely he has a little more swagger to him than a typical white barber in a white barbershop.  Whereas if a black barber is working in a white barbershop he can kind of lean both ways.

He can be urban and not corny and he can also be professional and communicate on the level expected in a white barbershop if there is a level of expectation.  The differences in the shops usually are dictated by the location of the shop.  For example, a barbershop in the hood will probably be more loud, fun, outspoken, and unusually managed.

Not ALL barbershops in rural areas are this way, but I have seen many this way.  I have seen some black-owned shops managed excellently and not have a lot of foolishness going on like EXODUS BARBER SHOP in the stone mountain Atlanta Ga area.

Then you have your Great Clips and Hair Cutters which are primarily white locations and are ran more like a company versus ran like your traditional barbershop.

Some customers just want a haircut and don’t care where the barbershop is and don’t care if it’s a black barbershop or white barbershop or if it’s a black barber or a white barber.  But some people really do prefer white barber and some people do prefer a black barber.

Sometimes I even wonder why there is even such thing as a black barbershop or a white barbershop.  I guess it’s all dictated by location. Supply and Demand I guess you could say.

I have had customers tell me that there are similarities as well as differences in the black and white barbershops.  But I guess at the end of the day we are all barbers regardless of race.  We all cut hair for a living, we all sell our services and products, we all pay booth rent or commission and we all hopefully love what we do.



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