I have been cutting hair for many years and have seen all types of black mens haircuts.  No matter where you are from all of the black mens haircuts are basically the same.  A lot of people may call the haircuts different names, but at the end of the day it’s just a haircut.  BUT to some people the haircut is a lifestyle and an image.

Actors, entertainers and professionals must maintain a clean look depending on their profession. So that means that some black mens haircuts can be clean and some can be as wild as they want to be.


The lite ceaser haircut is a very basic haircut. It’s a haircut that is one length all over the top and sides of the head.  It’s a simple haircut to cut especially for beginners.  It’s also a great haircut for men who want to cut their own hair.  Most beginners start learning the lite ceaser because it’s simple and quick.


The high and tight haircut is a popular military style haircut that most soldiers wear.  The high and tight haircut is a more advanced haircut for barbers and definitely more advanced for a person who is trying to cut their own hair.  The haircut is longer on the top and bald on the sides and the back of the head.  There is a gradual blend of the hair from a “0″ to any desired length on top of the head.


The low blended fade haircut is usually faded a little lower on the sides and the back of the head.  The haircut is faded about an inch above the ears to keep the blend low on the sides of the head.  The higher the blend is started, the higher the blend will be on the sides of the head.  The lower the blend is started the lower the blend will be in the haircut.  This is a more conservative haircut and also hides the shape of the sides of the head.


The shadow fade haircut is a haircut that is blended on the sides and the top is longer than the sides.  The sides of the haircut will not be bald.  The sides of the haircut will be faded at a length of a “1″ and faded into the desired length on the top of the head.


The low medium bald fade is a haircut that is blended slightly above the ears and neckline and gives the gentleman a more conservative appearance. The low blended fade is also known as a “low taper” haircut.

Black mens haircuts vary from the temp fade, bald fade, lite fade, dark ceaser, afro temp, lite ceaser, blow out, brooklyn fade and now the ever so popular mohawk. Some black men prefer their mohawks to even have designs.


Some black mens haircuts like the mohawk haircut, also called faux hawk is a very trendy black mens haircut that was established many years ago. P. Diddy made the Mohawk haircut even more popular when he ran the NYC marathon symbolizing that he has the heart of a warrior. Usher Raymond is also sporting a mohawk. Now P. Diddy is sporting a fade that that may somewhat symbolize a high top fade. High top fades is a trend that is coming back in style.


The temp fade haircut is faded slightly in front of the ear and faded slightly on the neckline. The temp fade haircut is a very popular business casual haircut. It provides an even and more full look to the shape of the head.

In order for a black man to receive a sharp line and a smooth blend, the barber MUST have an excellent set of clippers, trimmers and razors. The blend especially on a bald fade, has to be cut very carefully and accurately in order to achieve the ultimate blend.

Once the blend is complete, then the lineup, which is the most important part of the haircut for a black man, has to be sharp and even, A perfect example of this is “The Steve Harvey Lineup”. Steve Harvey influenced millions of black mens haircuts!!!


The dark ceaser haircut is a basic haircut where the hair is the same length all over the head. This type of black mens haircuts are popular for men who are also cutting their own hair at home.


The sharp lineup is the most important part of the haircut. Without the sharp line the haircut is almost worthless. Although most black men and some women love sharp lineups, some black men prefer a more natural look. For example:

Barack Obama


Denzell Washington

Tiger Woods

But for the man who wants to achieve the ultimate haircut or a more natural look, the barber must have excellent tools. The barbers clippers must be adjusted properly, trimmers must be sharp, and the barber must have quality razor blades.

Cutting hair is an awesome craft.  Haircutting is a recession proof trade that will be around forever. Because of the detail that is required to cut black mens haircuts, you have to be detail oriented and make sure that your tools are fully tuned up.

If you want to achieve the goal of getting an ultimate haircut, then definitely call Alex Campbell. He has over 23 years of barbering experience. Not only is he an excellent barber, he also teaches others on how to become an ultimate barber, which means he understands his craft. Here are more black mens haircuts.

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