black short hair cuts


Black short haircuts are very easy to maintain.  There are more and more women who are wearing short black hair cuts as well.  This particular haircut is a dark ceaser haircut with a very defined hairline.

There was a touch of temporary hair color added to give the haircut more definition around the hairline area.  A pair of Andis Master clippers were used adjusted at a “1 to achieve an even all over haircut.

The shapeup was done with a personal razor blade and a pair of Andis Outliner trimmers.

Black short hair is definitely easy to manage and your barber tools have to be adjusted properly to achieve a nice neat and crisp haircut.

When i first started cutting black hair is when I realized that the tools are what will create a nice haircut.  I have used dull clippers and trimmers and the results sucked!!!!

There is nothing worse than using a dull pair of trimmers that grinds the skin of the customer and there is nothing worse than a dull pair of clippers that pull the customer’s hair.  A haircut is supposed to be a pleasurable experience.  The better the tools the better the black short hair cut will turn out.

African American males and females are starting to wear shorter haircuts because they are easy to manage.  Adding 360 waves is a great look for shorter haircuts as well.  All you need is a wave brush, grease, and water and you can start to add a little flare to the haircut with a fresh set of 360 waves!!!


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