I had a young lady called me because she was interested in investing in my haircut DVD’s and at the end of our conversation she asked “How do you think a black woman barber will do in this male-dominated industry?”

I responded with the REAL TRUTH. I said, “a black woman barber will always do better than men in the barber industry, it’s just human nature.” Now what I meant by human nature is that it is only natural for a man to want a woman to touch him just like it is natural for a woman to want a man to touch her. Hair is a very up close and personal business.

When a man gets a haircut, you have to touch him on his head and face, and sometimes you might bump his arm or shoulder. A man would rather be touched in these areas by a beautiful woman barber who smells nice, talks soft, and has a gentle touch. If a woman barber understands what a man wants and she is pretty good at her craft, she will make double the amount of a male barber. Her tips would be insane!

I have a friend who is Puerto Rican and beautiful. She came to my barbershop once and washed hair for a few days. Guys were paying her more for the shampoo than they paid the barbers for the haircut. $20, $30, and sometimes $40.

Some men just don’t want a woman barber cutting their hair and that’s fine. But for the man who is willing to take a chance and he feels like ultimately the haircut will be nice, then do it! It’s an awesome experience!

I want to start training more women barbers in the barber industry and teach them more about the tricks of the trade with my DVD and one on one training. I have had several women ask about training and I am in the process of getting everything together for the ladies.

Who knows, I just might put together a team of woman barbers myself and take advantage of what won’t change. What won’t change is “MEN WILL ALWAYS LOVE A WOMANS TOUCH”

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