The buzz cut is one of the most traditional short haircuts that men, and a lot of women, turn to when they want to wear their hair in a way that is neat, and maintenance-free. The buzz cut earns its name because of the final results of this cut.

When a person gets this cut, the shaft of the hair is cut so short it resembles short and buzzy spikes. When the hair is cut into a buzz cut, it’s too short to style. However, it’s very neat looking. This is why it’s a very popular cut in many circles.

For example, this is the standard cut that a new military recruit will wear. The barber will use no guards on the hair to maintain any length. The barber will simply buzz all of the hair off the scalp. The only detail of this haircut is featured when the barber shapes the edges of the hairline. The edges of the hairline will be very sharp and exact. Again, this is a low maintenance, and no-nonsense haircut.

This is why military recruits get this haircut. For one thing, the hair is so short, a recruit won’t have to worry about their scalp generating a lot of sweat when they perform their drills. Not only this, but the buzz cut is so short, that there is no room for vanity. Part of the purpose of military basic training is to strip a recruit of their vanity and individuality.

When all the male recruits are sporting buzz cuts, they look uniform, and conformed. When a person sports a buzz cut, it alleviates them from the hassle of having to style and maintain their hair. This is why this is one of the short haircuts that has endured. When a person has a job that requires them to travel or to be physical, such as an athlete, they might wear a buzz cut.

This cut will save them time and energy. People that are on the move, or who are athletes, don’t want to spend too much time and fuss on their hair. They’d rather wear a haircut that is neat, and always presentable. Many women are sporting the buzz cut as well. It has become socially acceptable for women to wear extreme short haircuts.

As such, many women have found that although the buzz cut is very masculine, they are able to feature very feminine facial features with this cut. For example, if a woman has beautiful skin, eyes, cheekbones, lips, or a sharp jawline, then these will be featured when she wears a buzz cut.

Indeed, many women have discovered that they look prettier in this way, then when they wear their hair longer. Other women who have turned to the buzz cut are cancer patients, especially breast cancer patients. It is a common trend nowadays for a woman to opt to cut her hair in this style, instead of allowing her hair to slowly but surely fall out. This haircut gives the cancer patient dignity and style while they are in recovery.

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