Getting a new hairstyle can dramatically alter the way you look. And, if you choose a celebrity haircut, it not only makes you look sexy, it makes you feel cooler as well. Here is a list of current male celebrity haircuts that, well, make the cut: Lucas Cruikshank sports an “angled Caesar’s cut.” Imagine the Caesar’s cut with the hair shaped in layers and at an angle – that’s Lucas’s new haircut. The hair at the back is clipped short and that makes the look so thick. It works great if you have a good amount of hair and a longish face.

Christain Bale, when he is not Batman, sports purposefully dishevelled locks. He can look like a tough, shaggy, independent sort of free spirit. His haircut features a curvy perimeter with the perimeter line cut in such a way that it follows the brow line and falls down on the face side to cover the ear lobes. The hair also covers the base of the neck. Try it if your hair is wavy and medium-textured.

Collin Farrell’s wild man, bad boy look works for those with dense and slightly-coarse hair. Colin sports a collegiate haircut with the length increasing towards the forehead and shortening on the sides and the back. It is a simple cut that does not take time and the coarse hair standing completes the bad boy image. This cut is a huge hit with the ladies.

Thankfully, Obi Wan Kenobi, Ewan McGregor, carries a hairstyle that works well on Planet Earth. If you have wide features and need a hairstyle that will elongate your face, then this is an ideal fit. Evan’s dark blond hair features a traditional cut with the perimeter shaping up neatly just like the neat square perimeters you see at the back of office-goers’ necks. The sides and back are short and the hair keeps increasing as it approaches the crown.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s hairstyle is debonair and very old school. Though it is mop toppish, it makes him look masculine, suave, sexy, and like a smooth operator. The hairstyle will work well if your hair is wavy, textured and medium-coarse. Described by stylists as the Ivy League look, DiCaprio’s is another celebrity haircut that features short tapering on the sides and at the back with the length increasing as the hair approaches the crown, where it ends up in full-tide waves.

Though Zan Efron’s blue eyes attract more attention than his hair, his new wild, shaggy, all roughed up look is breaking many hearts. Try it if you have lots of medium-soft hair that settles down nicely. It’s a rough look that almost covers the forehead and the ears. Some hair ends are seen all flipped up, adding to the roughness. The back gives an uncut, natural feel.

Logan Henderson’s short, sporty, all spiked up look is a huge hit with the media and with his fans. The gelled spikes give him a punk look and the short and neat styling makes the punk style look elegant, making for one hell of a good looking contradiction! Well, these are the celebrity haircuts that are massively popular on the charts right now. Stay tuned for more.

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