Go to School Turning Your Beauty Passion into a Career Are you interested in a career where you can help people feel good and look fantastic? Check out putting all your creative energy into a beauty career by discovering opportunities to become a trained barber or hair stylist through attending school – now – or, at least, in the very near future.

If you are already passionate about hair styling to begin with, take that passion and go to your choice of barber schools so you can learn everything you need to know to acquire a rewarding career in this exciting industry. The first thing you need to discover is selecting the appropriate school to begin this incredible and new adventure.

Make Sure the School Meets Your Student Needs When you examine the number of barber schools in the Charleston, West Virginia area, you have a few different things you need to consider in order to make a good choice.

Your choice from the barber schools available must meet your specific student needs including:

•School entrance requirements

•Available payment plans

•Available scholarship programs

•Working student barber shops or styling salon

•Job placement services

•School accreditation

•Flexible course scheduling

•Appropriate course content preparing for state licensing Make Comparisons Online The Internet allows potential students seeking barber schools in Charleston, West Virginia to take whatever time is necessary to learn about the educational opportunities available in the area.

Each school may differ a little, so it is important to research what each has to offer to meet your specific educational needs before selecting one in which to enroll. Keep in mind that although each school more than likely has some difference in admission requirements, for the most part barber schools in West Virginia will require students to have either graduated from high school or have received a GED.

Check with each school to make sure you already meet admissions requirements before examining its course curriculum. Certificate Courses Available at Charleston School of Beauty Culture One of the attractive aspects about attending barber schools in West Virginia is the education focuses strictly on what you need to learn in order to pursue a career as a barber or hair stylist.

For example, the Charleston School of Beauty Culture offers two specific programs:

•Barber Certificate Courses These program prepare students to learn the basic skills for shaving and trimming facial hair (beards), trimming neck hair, cutting and styling hair, fitting hair pieces, applying up-to-date cosmetic styling treatments and ability to perform scalp and facial massages. These courses prepare students to take barber licensing tests at several levels.

The course also reveals to students the techniques for shampooing, styling facial hair, including mustache and beard trimming and shaping. Also, students learn the latest techniques for cutting hair gaining an understanding of the various hair styles while gaining proficiency in the art of styling hair.

Course information also learned includes scalp and hair physiology and anatomy, barbering equipment use, chemicals used, safety and health issues along with business practices such as shop operations and customer service. Every student receives only the essential instruction by a qualified staff along with supervised hands-on learning for the technical skills and industry equipment used working with the general public.

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