Once you decide to become a barber or even start to cut your own hair, the types of tools that you use will play a big part in how well your haircut turns out.  A dull pair of trimmers are a nightmare!!!!!!!!

You will end up pushing your hairline back too far because you are trying to get a sharp line or you can end up cutting yourself because you keep going over the line over and over again hoping to get a sharper line.  Your clippers may not be adjusted right so you just keep cutting and hoping that things will get better and they usually don’t.

Until you learn how to properly adjust your tools and more important find out what are the best tools to buy, you will feel like you are in a losing battle with your haircut!!

That’s why it is super important to get the proper training and know where to buy the best haircut clippers and trimmers so that you can get the best result possible.

When i started cutting hair about umpteen years ago, i had no clue how to pick the right haircut clippers let alone the best haircut clippers.  My trimmers were dull and i thought they were sharp. Just because the trimmers are cutting you doesn’t always mean they are sharp.  Sometimes that means that they are not adjusted properly.

So please share with us your opinion on what brands you use and who do you think has the best haircut clippers and trimmers!!

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