Haircut designs can really bring a haircut to life. Does it take a lot of talent to do designs? A little but not a lot. Mostly barbers from northern states really get into haircut designs and it is slowly spreading towards the southern states.

Mohawks, fades, dark ceasers and pretty much any type of haircut can be given a haircut design. There are methods to haircut designs. And once you learn these methods, then haircutting designs become even easier.


Haircut designing is a great market, and if you are good, you can easily charge between $50.00 to as much as $200.00. You really have to be talented to get that type of money but it can be done with the right type of designs. You also have to attract a market for designs.

Everyone does not want designs. But once you have been identified as a barber who has the talent, then the clientele will follow. There are many tools that help with the designs and one in particular is the designing trimmer to the left.

Haircut designs are not hard, they just take practice. If you have a passion for art and cutting hair, then you will be great doing haircut designs.


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