But what is a celebrity barber? Is a celebrity barber someone who cuts celebrities or is the celebrity barber a world known barber. So which one makes the barber a celebrity?

I know barbers that cut celebrities and no one knows the barber. I know barbers that have not cut celebrities and everyone knows the barber. Either way, they both have something in common. Work ethic, desire, ambition, etc, etc. There are barbers who cut celebrities and get treated like trash and don’t even get paid what there time and talent is worth. Being a barber that caters to an upscale clientele is very tedious.


Upscale clienteles are very picky, demanding and sometimes just rude. So when people say they want to become a celebrity barber, they have to understand that it is more than just a haircut. What do you do when a person is so arrogant that they do everything except spit in your face? Some barbers don’t know how to handle that type of treatment.

It takes training, professionalism, tact, discipline, punctuality and most importantly, flexibility. A celebrity barber has to be careful about what they say and do around a client. Some celebrity clients or upscale clients are intimidated by a confident and ambitious barber. You are almost stealing there shine.

Stealing a persons shine that looks at you as a person who is beneath them, is not good. At the end of the day, a person is who they are reguardless of how they earn income. Confidence is confidence and talent is talent. A barber can be cocky, confident, arrogant, humble and many other things that can make him likable or disliked just like a celebrity.

Some people hate P. Diddy because they say he is arrogant. Ridiculous!! He is who he is. Bottom line is you will never satisfy everyone, so you might as well be the best that you can be and try to play the hand that you are dealt. If you are dealing with a disrespectful client, then use tact. If you are dealing with an arrogant client, then be humble.

If you are dealing with a ignorant client, then be respectful. But reguardless of the situation, don’t compromise your character and personal ethics for anyone. Being a celebrity barber is not easy. It requires multiple talents besides just cutting hair.

If you can control your emotions, be professional, consistent, and punctual then you have what it takes to go far as a celebrity barber. You have to go where the upscale clients are. They don’t really know you, so why would they come to you.

Get out and promote yourself like you are running for President and you will definitely succeed as a celebrity barber.


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