I decided that if I am going to share how to cut your own hair men, It needs to be a step by step type guide. Meaning that If someone can follow a few basic steps, you will in a very short time (A few days) know the basics to cutting hair like a professional hairstylist.


I am here to tell you that once you understand the basics, like face shapes, section cutting, and layering. You will only progress that much faster when it comes to cutting any type or style of hair. And once you have these basics downs, any advance cutting technique,  will be that much easier to learn.

Why you may ask am I sharing how to cut hair.  That is because even If you decide not to cut hair. Then at least you will know  what to look for and ask the next time you visit your hair stylist.

Six Steps On Cutting Your Own Hair Men

1. Know your face shape and have a cut and style that will complement that shape. I have seen great haircuts on people that do not go with their facial shape. Which usually results in a not so happy client. So first things first learn about face shapes and how to cut the hair around that shape. Say you have a rounder shape face If that is the case.

Then you will want to be sure not to have too many layers around your check or high jaw area or avoid layers in these areas altogether. You would be better off going with a longer style, say around the lower neck and shoulder area. This style will minimize the width of your face. Now for long faces, the hair can be cut shorter with bangs and just have your hair blow-dried outward. Which will give your face a wider appearance.

2. You will want to have the proper tools for cutting hair, meaning a nice pair of hair cutting scissors, a couple of combs, some hair clips, electric clippers, and a spray bottle with water. You will also need a hand-held mirror and a wall mirror or two.

3. Start out with a simple one-length cut. First, wet the hair. I recommend shampooing and conditioning your hair first, Wet hair is much easier to manage and control when it is clean and conditioned. Once wet, section the hair into 3  or 4 sections leaving out about an inch straight across in the bottle part of the neck (Nape) area.

Start by cutting no more than an inch on the section you just left out. This will now be your guide for the rest of the cut. You will continue with another 1/2 inch to an inch section combing the new and the last section together and straight down in between your middle and your index finger.

Then cut the hair in a straight line, using your first cut as your guide.  You will continue doing this in small sections and continue with small sections from one side to the other. You will always want to double-check and make sure the haircut is even.

Then part your hair in the middle (If you wear a side part then go ahead use that part) and combing it straight down. Repeat using small sections of hair, checking for any long pieces that may have been missed.  When you find them, just go ahead and cut then off.

4.When your cutting curly hair, make sure the hair is dry. Even an experienced hairstylist and depending on the type of curl will cut curly hair dry. This is to avoid having the hairspring back to much, due to less weight pulling on the curl. Just be sure you not cutting too much off at first. Curly hair, once it’s cut, will have less weight and springs back shorter. Just to stay on the safe side, only cut short lengths to start with. After some experience, cutting curly hair becomes a lot easier.

5. Cutting bangs. When attempting to cut bangs, be sure to cut them dry or risk having someone walking around with some really short Bangs. Be sure before you begin cutting the bangs that you checking for how the hair forehead area falls. Look for natural parts and cowlicks in this area of the head. When you attempt to cut the bangs, just point cut with the tips of your scissors at an angle and taking very small amounts off at a time. Remember if it needs to be shorter. You can always cut more.

6. There are many guys these days that are wearing their hair either short or tapered. Shorter hairstyles for men are very easy to cut at home. One of the most command ways to cut men’s hair is to use electric hair clippers. You just decide on a desired length and cut. Standard guard lengths will range from next to nothing or 1/8 inch in length to an inch. Remember to always cut the hair dry with an electric clipper. This is to avoid the hair restricting the blade and to ensure an even cut.

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