The most common mistake i see a lot of barbers make is that they don’t look the part.  Everybody wants to be so hip these days that they forget about the LOOK of a barber.

If a person sees you hanging out somewhere without a smock or some kind of t-shirt on, how will they know what you do for a living? Remember to ALWAYS wear a t-shirt in reference to barbering or wear your smock everywhere that you go.

You will be amazed as to how many people will walk up to you and ask you if you cut hair somewhere.  I have walking in the mall with a barber t-shirt on or either i will be wearing my smock and people would walk right up to me and ask me for a card.

So always remember to look the part if you are really serious about making money as a barber.  What do you wear to let people know that you are a barber?

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