Cutting hair without a barbers license is a serious offense. You can be fined up to $500.00 for cutting hair without a barbers license and taken to jail. Cutting hair without a barbers license is a misdemeanor and is punishable with fines and jail time.

I know barbering to some people is a hustle and to some people it is a career choice. But please be aware that if it is your hustle or your career choice, you still need to be licensed. The State board can show up at anytime unannounced and fine you as much as a total of $2000.

Not being licensed to cut hair, not being sanitary, not having a licensed location to work out of and the list goes on and on depending on the inspector. Now some people get upset about this topic and i totally understand. But the fact still and will always remain that if you get caught cutting without a barbers license you are subject to fines and jail time. Let me give you some examples.

You may think that you have it made because you cut a lot of hair in your neighborhood and you are not paying booth rental. You are making a few hundred extra dollars and life is o.k. But don’t be stupid enought to broadcast it on the internet!!!! A licensed barber could easily call you up and ask for a haircut and then send the State Board to your house. Unlicensed barbers are direct competition and they are a threat.

Unlicensed barbers take atleast $10,000- $20,000.00 a year from licensed barbers. So if a local barbershop hears about an unlicensed barber in the neighborhood, the barbershop can send the State Board to your home and have you fined and arrested.

Now i do agree that at one time, just about everybody started cutting at home and went from there. But once you start to see that this can be a career move, handle your business and become a business so no one or nothing can stop you.

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