These are the struggles you go through until you find a good barber that suits you.

A haircut dictates EVERYTHING!! Have you ever had a bad haircut and you just didn’t know what to do about it? So you either cut all of your hair off or throw on a baseball cap. When you initially got the haircut, it was not in the plan to cut your hair ALL off or even wear a baseball cap.

So now what has happened is that your whole image of how you wanted to look has now been altered. You can’t dress the same, you don’t feel the same, your confidence is not the same and several other emotions start to surface.

To some people, a haircut doesn’t mean much. But to the other 99% of the world, your appearance is everything.

Let me give you an example:

1. It is the weekend and you have been shopping and you have your new cologne, a new outfit, going on a new date and finally, it is the end of the day about 7 p.m. and it’s time to get your haircut. You clearly tell the barber what you want. He seems confident in his skills and starts to cut your hair.

When he hands you the mirror.

You say ”

What the !%&!! is this?”

Now the whole night is ruined. You don’t feel like going out, wearing your new clothes, and you definitely don’t want to see your new date. If you do go through with your night, your whole attitude won’t be the same at all! ALL BECAUSE OF A MESSED UP HAIRCUT!

Let me give you some examples of a few things that a bad haircut can ruin.

1. Job interviews

2. Date

3. Confidence

4. Self esteem

5. Carisma

6. Motivation

7. Attraction

8. A bad haircut will ruin anything that you have to connect to emotionally.

Always remember that “A good haircut doesn’t last long enough and a bad haircut doesn’t grow fast enough.”

These are some tips on “How to find a good barber”

1. Ask other people “where do they go to get a haircut”?

2. Ask people “WHY” do they go to their barber?

3. Ask “HOW LONG” have they been going to their barber?

4. Ask “WHY” did they start going to their barber?

5. Ask for their barbers phone number.

6. Call the barber to see if he has a schedule.

7. Go by the salon and observe his customer service and cleanliness.

8. If he is clean, friendly, has a consistent schedule, and is talented, then you have a good barber.

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