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There are a few for sure ways to learn how to wave your hair for perfect 360 waves.  When I was growing up, I used to keep a wave brush in my back pocket and brush my hair all day long.  I even had a mark in my back pocket because I kept the brush in my pocket so much.

I would start out by cutting my hair with the grain or cutting my hair in the direction that I wanted my 360 waves to form.

Then I would wash my hair and brush my hair while the soap was in my hair.  I would brush my hair in the direction I wanted the waves to form.

Then I would rinse my hair while still in the shower and I would rinse and brush my hair in the direction that I wanted my waves to form.

How to get waves in your hair

Then I would towel dry my hair and then apply some Dax wave grease.  I would apply the grease and brush my hair until my hair was silky looking.  Usually a medium to hard bristle brush would work best for me because my hair was about an inch long.  The longer your hair the harder the brush needs to be.

Once I was done brushing I would put on my wave cap.  I would wet my hair a little every day and apply a little grease every day and wear my wave cap every night.  In a few days, my waves were on point.

How do you get waves in your hair?

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