1. The temp fade video will teach you the blending basics to help you achieve the correct way to cut the temp fade. The temp fade will be demonstrated with Andis Masters and Andis trimmers. There will also be color techniques and razor techniques.

2. The dark ceaser haircutting video will teach you how to cut a dark ceaser using some of the best haircutting techniques today. Learn how to give a razor sharp hair line.

3. The afro haircutting video will teach you how to cut a perfect afro with a super sharp, razor tight hairline using permanent hair color. You will be able to deliver a HOLLYWOOD haircut with the haircutting, razor and color techniques provided in this AFRO video that will deliver a PROFESSIONAL finish.

4. The low ceaser haircutting video will teach you real haircutting basics. Learning how to cut a low ceaser is the starting point of learning how to cut hair. These great techniques will show you the razor, trimmer and clipper techniques for a great haircut.

5. The low blended bald fade haircutting video will teach you how to blend a bald fade and keep the blend below the mid area of the head, right above the ears. This video also comes with razor techniques, color techniques, clipper and trimmer techniques.

6. The bald fade haircutting video will teach you how to cut a clean bald fade better, faster and easier with a few simple techniques. You will learn razor techniques, blending techniques, Andis Styliner 2 tool techniques and more.

7. Learning to cut your own hair and adjusting your own haircutting tools is a great benefit especially if you want to save money. This video will go into detail about mirror angles and different haircutting techniques when it comes to cutting your own hair. You will also learn secrets to adjusting your Andis Masters and Andis T-outliner haircutting tools.



Congratulations! You are now just 1 step away from learning some of the best clipper cutting techniques in the barbering industry today. With our state of the art system, you can view haircutting videos on demand and not have to wait for mail delivery.

If you want to learn how to sharpen your barbering skills by improving your fade techniques, razor line techniques, color techniques, blending techniques and tool maintenence, then you have found the right website. You can now watch haircutting videos on demand from anywhere in the world. Also learn how to cut your own hair, how to cut a dark ceaser, how to cut a bald fade and more.

Look through our selection of online haircutting videos and choose the video that you think will help you to improve your barbering skills the most and get started. Other videos will be added in the near future for learning how to cut black men’s hairstyles.

Thank you and enjoy.

Alex Campbell

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