Short haircuts for men are now very popular, with a number of excellent  styles now appearing in all walks of life. Men have found that these haircuts  are very convenient, not only in shampooing but in keeping in place. These cuts  are especially flattering to a man’s face and brings out their best features.

It  is very important to have a good stylist give the first cut if shorter hair is a  new experience. This person will present a number of pictures of various styles  for a choice to be made as well as give advice based on the texture and type of  hair one has.

Today’s latest movies are showing the male stars with these haircuts. This  occurs even in when portraying warriors in ancient times. Their haircuts bring  out their features, making the men appear handsome and strong. Movie magazines  also feature them with attractive short hair styles.

At one time the popular style was straight, long hair. However, men and  especially those engaged in sports, soon found that this was not practical. Not  only did it get in the way of their eyesight but it also was difficult to style  and keep clean.

Having the hair cut and styled to match one’s face is an important part of  hair styling. Some styles look better on thin faces and some look better on  faces that are heavier. Choosing the correct one can make a great deal of  difference in the appearance other people see.

One of the most important things for anyone engaged in sports is to be able  to keep their eye on the ball or target. This cannot be done if hair is  constantly falling in one’s face. Having the hair cut in a neat manner  eliminates this problem and allows a clear and precise view of the target.

There is considerable latitude in choices of a short cut. It can be military,  ‘buzz’, spiked, regular or tapered. The choice depends on one’s situation and  personal choice. The spiked look is particularly popular with the high school  crowd with the hair kept upright, in spikes, with a gel.

There are many advantages to having short haircuts in everyday life. For  example, there is no need to stop and work with the hair if one is late to a  meeting or other engagement, all that is needed is a quick comb through and one  is on their way. Having it styled correctly when cut is important if this kind  of maintenance is to be successful.

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