The temp fade haircut is a very conservative haircut for many black men.  The haircut can be many different lengths in the top of the head.  But the one distinguishing look of the temp fade is the fading out of the neckline and the sideburns.  Some black men wear the haircut low on the top, long and curly on the top and even where the afro temp fade.

This particular temple fade is a 1 and 1/2 length on the top of the haircut and faded to a zero on the neck line and faded to a zero on the sideburns. The customer preferred a touch of color to make the haircut and hairline more defined.

This customer prefers a bigen haircut with his temple taper.  The haircut was cut with an Oster 111 blade with the grain and the neckline was faded to a zero and the sideburns were also faded to a zero.


The customer in this picture is sporting a very popular haircut that black men all over the world like to wear.  It is the ever so famous afro temp with a curly look to it.  The haircut has a classy and sort of movie starish look to it.  Many black men like this particular look, but it’s hard to find a barber who can deliver the haircut exactly as it looks in the picture.

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